Loyality Points

Everyone can get a discount on their purchases, starting with the second purchase. When you make an order you will earn "Points" and you can use them on your next purchase. The amount of points is a little different between products but it is usually between 1% and 3% of your purchase.
Sometimes during special promotions, we might have higher percentage.
The system is very simple to use, just remember to create an account from your first purchase. Next time you make a purchase, log in and the system will ask if you would like to use your points as a part of the payment. Then you simply pay a little less for your purchase... and you even earn towards the next purchase.

Want to receive extra points?

If you write a review about a product you have bought, you will receive 200 points worth 5.00 EUR towards your next purchase.
You even get 50 points when you create an account - worth 1 EUR.

How many points do I have?

Go into My Account page an see an overview of your purchases and your current points status.