About the Webstore

1Where do we ship to?
We ship to the following countries in Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
To buy the products in Iceland, please visit hempliving.is
2Where do you ship from?
We ship all our shipments from our warehouse in the EU.
3What is the shipping cost
Shipping cost is EUR 5.99. Free shipping for orders over EUR 100.
4Is the webstore secure?
Yes it is!
All connections are with https:// secure webconnections. We use STRIPE as our Credit card collector which is one of the biggest in the world. They use SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and other sophisticated security solutions.
We are GDPR compliant.
5Do you accept all major credit cards?
Yes, we accept all types of credit cards, even American Express.
You can also user Apple Pay and Google Pay.
At the checkout you can choose to pay in your local currency or in Euros.
6I have not received any conformation mail regarding my order?
If you have not received any conformation mail from us, please contact us and we will help you. Send an email to info@cbd4pets.eu
7I made an order and have not gotten my products?
You should receive your shipment within 7 working days. If that is not the case please send us your order number and we will help you. Send us an email on info@cbd4pets.eu
8I changed my mind. I made an order but I do not want it now, what can I do?
If you have made an order and we have already shipped your order you can; a) Do nothing and we will get the products back to us. Price for shipments that are not picked up from the post office is 19 Euro (to cover shipping and restocking fee). b) Pick up the shipment. Send us an email telling us that you want to send the product back to us. Send us the products (you pay for that). We will reimburse you the money for the products, not the shipment.
9I have received the wrong product/ not everything I ordered, what should I do?
If you have received the wrong product, the wrong amount or something is wrong with our products, we will start by saying we are sorry about that. Please send us information about this including your order number and we will do our best to help you to make everything right. Send us and email to info@cbd4pets.eu
10Is there a discount if I buy large quantities?
We have this discount for everyone.
Buy 2-4 get – 5% discount
Buy 5-8 get – 10% discount
Plus you will get Points.

About CBD and hemp

1Is it safe to give my pet CBD?
The safety and risks of using CBD for dogs have not yet been researched.
With that said, when giving your dog/cat something new, to start out with small amounts and monitor the effects. It is suggested to keep a routine for two to three weeks to achieve results.

We recommend that you do your own research about CBDs qualities.
2How much CBD should I give my cat/dog?
Individual products will provide you with recommended serving sizes and instructions on how to administer their respective product.
We cannot offer any health or medical advice for CBD application and usage.
3Will CBD make my pet feel “high”?
Absolutely not. Our pet CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC, which means you don’t have to worry about your pet becoming high.
4What is CBD?
CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, which means it does not induce the typical "high" that is normally associated with THC.
5What is the difference between CBD for pets and CBD for humans?
The major difference between your CBD and your pet’s CBD is that a product focused on pets is going to provide a concentration of CBD more suited to their size and weight.
6How often can I give my pet Cibapet CBD pastille treats?
For dogs:
Cibapet advise the following dosage
min. 2, max. 6 per 10kg of body weight per day. For Puppies
2–3 per day.For cats:
Cibapet advise the following dosage:
max. 2 per day.
Kittens: 1 per day.
7Why does the CBD pet oil come in different milligrams (mg)?
Those with high concentrations are usually designed with larger animals in mind.
CBD concentration can also vary depending on the type of product that is being viewed. For example, CBD pet tinctures tend to have a moderate level of CBD because feeling the effects of the extract is the express purpose of the product.
8The best way to use Cibapet CBD oil?
For dogs:
Cibapet advises the following recommended dosage: 2–3 drops per 10kg body weight, 2–3 times a day. Puppies 1–2 drops, 1–2 times a day.

For cats:
Cibapet advises the following recommended dosage: 1–2 drops, 2–3 times a day. Kittens 1 drop, 2 times a day.
9Are there THC in the products you sell?
All CBD products will have a trace of THC. We pick products that come from a serious company that guaranty that the products have less than 0,2% THC, have traces of THC.
We cannot stress enough: our pets should avoid higher dosage, the effects could be dangerous.
10What are the benefits from the CBD products?
The effects of CBD come from its ability to stimulate the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in the regulation of several bodily functions.
Pets suffer similar to humans and CBD might be able to help with; anxiety, arthritis, chronic diseases, immunity, epilepsy, inflammation, stress, aggression, digestive issues and sleep disorders. If you’ve ever seen your pet suffering symptoms of a certain condition, then CBD oil for your pet may be a worthwhile option.

Bare in mind that no statement that CBD can help/heal are not confirmed by the European Union.
11What is the difference between CBD and THC?
The main difference between CBD and THC is that CBD does not have any intoxicating attributes. Your furry friend will not get and can not get “high” on CBD.
12How does CBD affects dogs or cats?
Currently, there has been no formal study on how CBD affects pets. What scientists do know is that cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the nervous systems which help maintain balance in the body and keep the body in a normal healthy state. Overall the affects on pets are similar to humans.
13Can I trust the CBD products from CBD4pets?
Yes you can. Every product that we at CBD4pets pick for our website are made by experts. We only sell products from serious companies that we know we can trust and that have a full understanding of their CBD products.
We love our pets and only want the best for them, so that is why we offer these products.
With that said we do encourage you to read up on what is best for your pet before you give your furry friend a CBD product.
14Can my dog/cat overdose on CBD?
Your pet can not overdose on CBD oil, on full spectrum hemp extract or on CBD treats.
The worst that can happen is that your pet may get diarrhea or may become sleepy.
It may take a bit of time to find the right amount of CBD oil for your specific dog or cat.
15How long does CBD oil take to start working?
Each pet are different, so the reaction times to CBD oil may vary. You should see a change within 5-30minutes.

About the products

1Where do your products come from?
All of our hemp is organically grown and processed in choice locations of Northern Europe and North America.
2Are your products safe?
Yes, all the products on Hemp Living are safe to consume. We only sell products from trustworthy manufacturers.
3What is CO2 extraction of CBD?
The leading CBD industry's companies are using CO2 extraction. It is considerated to be the gold standard of extracting CBD from the plant. With the CO2 method you get the cleanest extract with minimal impurities and is the best method to produce high quality cannabinoids extracts.
-No use of hazardous chemicals
-No negative impact on the product
-No negative impact on the environment
4How long is the shelf life time?
The shelf time varies between products. On this site, select the product you are interested in and select the "Storage" tab. There you will find information about the shelf life.

About the Points system

1How can I earn points?
When you make an order you will earn "Points" and you can use them on your next purchase.
If you write a review about a product you have bought, you will receive 200 points worth 4.00 EUR towards your next purchase.
You even get 50 points when you create an account - worth 1 EUR.
2How much are the points worth?
The amount of points is a little different between products but it is usually between 1% and 3% of your purchase.
Sometimes during special promotions, we might have higher percentage.
50 points are worth 1 Euro
3How can I use the points?
You use the points as a discount on your next purchase.
The system is very simple to use, remember to create an account during your first purchase. Next time you make a purchase, log in and the system will ask if you would like to use your points as a part of the payment. Then you simply pay a little less for your purchase... and you even earn towards the next purchase.
4How can I see my current Point status?
Go into My Account page an see an overview of your purchases and your current points status.
5What about the "small print"?
The only "small print" is that the points can at no stage be exchanged for cash.