In 2006 a baby girl was born in Reykjavik, Iceland. At first she looked like any beautiful baby girl but at 6 months old she had her first episode. Doctors were perplexed as she became paralyzed for minutes up to days and even weeks. They had no idea what she was fighting….

Her name is Sunna (the sun) and she spreads rays of sun wherever she goes with her beautiful smile and her contagious happy attitude. When Sunna was 13 months old she was diagnosed with Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC). AHC is the most complex neurological disorder known to man as it has all the symptoms of all other neurological disorders. At this time almost nothing was known about the disorder and there were 230 diagnosed in the world. There is no treatment or cure for AHC to date.

Her parents became leaders in the search for cure for AHC worldwide and tried both traditional and non-traditional ways to treat Sunna but nothing stopped the episodes of paralysis, dystonia and seizures that she was having almost every day.

In 2017 when Sunna was 11 years old her father and brother traveled to Denver, USA, to learn more about the CBD oil they had wanted to try for years but never got the doctors to approve.

After going to one of the most prestigious producers of CBD oil and seeing the manufacturing process with their own eyes and talking to leaders in the field of CBD they took back a few bottles of the product.

At this time Sunna was so badly affected that she was unable to go to school or outside the house for that matter. She was having so many episodes and was in so much pain that it made going anywhere impossible. Her smile was gone and her family only saw fear and pain in her eyes. In July 2017 Sunna had her first CBD drop and her family was holding their breath…. They started slowly and the first week they did not notice any big changes. In week two they noticed that she was more alert and was learning new words. The next weeks she started to be more relaxed, was learning new words every day and was more aware. She was having less pain and it showed because her mood was highly improved and she was enjoying life again. Sunna was able to go back to school, meet her friends and do the all the things she loves. Her smile was finally back again. Sunna still takes her CBD oil every day and has decreased the amount of drugs she was taking by two thirds.

When her parents saw that the CBD oil was doing more for her quality of life than any drug she had been put on throughout her life they wanted to share this with the world and started Hempliving with their best friends who have been by their side from the day Sunna was born.

When we experienced how well the CBD was working for our family we decided to try CBD for out 9 year old Máni who is a Japanese Chin. Máni has arthritis and was not able to walk with us anymore and was feeling unwell. We started Máni on 2% CBD oil from Cibdol and after 2 days we already saw big changes. He was willing to walk with us and also had more appetite. We also use hemp seed oil that we put on his dog food and he loves it. Our family's best friend is back on his feet and enjoying life.

The documentary Human Timebomb was made about Sunna in 2016. See it here.

About us

HempLiving was established in 2018 by two families in Iceland.
In 2020 the company expanded to whole of Europe and new brands and products have been taken on board, one of them being cbd4pet.eu. The company is based in Sweden and the logistics are done through our warehouses in Holland and Sweden.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality products that will help the many that need help.

Giving Back

Our mission is to offer our customers the best hemp products on the market today. We will not compromise on the quality – only the best for you and me!
We strive to have all our products organic and it goes without saying cruelty free.
We believe in giving back and we donate to these causes:
- We donate to research on Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood
- By using hemp in products we contribute to a cleaner earth
- By using Hemp we believe we contribute to a better health