Why Hemp or CBD for your furry friend?

Hemp is an amazing and very versatile plant.

From the Hemp you can build houses, make clothes as well as consume for variety of health benefits.
CBD, stands for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. CBD is not psychotropic like THC, it does not induce a euphoric effect, your four legged friend will not get high!

CBD is believed to relieve pain, calm you down, improve sleep, increase focus, reduce various disease symptoms and increase wellness in many different areas, although none of these claims are official from EU regulations.

The products you will find here on CBD4pets ; CBD oils, CBD treats, CBD tinctures and so on, we have hand picket out for your furry family members, cats and dogs. We only want the best for our loved ones and we believe in these products that we are selling and we hope you will to.

Take care!
Team CBD4Pets

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    I ordered CBD pastilles for Dogs. My 10+ year old dog suffers from pain in his back and he has always had a sensitive digestive constitution. I did not want to stick him to medication. Due to my personal experience with CBD of Cibdol I learned it is for dogs available too. We started 2 weeks ago and the results are there already. His skin around his mouth has improved and he is more relaxed. He scratches less en his inflammation is becoming less.
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    This product reboosted my 13 years old dog.With osteoarthritis, he is walking much better now.
  • Christa
    Your product stopped my dog's head tremors , highly recommended :)
    Christa Cilia